Lucie Macháčková

Comedienne, writer, youtuber and  host

Lucie is a regular on a TV show Comedy Club on Prima Comedy Central. She also appears on similar stand-up programmes on and and she does a huge amount of live shows with comedy groups Underground Comedy, Na Stojáka and Velvet Comedy. In 2017 she participated in a Black Friday ad campaign for with Leoš Mareš. In her YouTube project Koko Comedy, she writes and produces funny viral videos targeted at women 15-35 and as an influencer, she works with brands e.g. Lay´s (PepsiCo). Lucie also writes funny edutainment children´s programmes  for Czech Radio and Czech TV. She had hosted numerous conferences and perfomed stand-up comedy at many high-profile corporate events. She is also eager to share her knowledge and skills in a workshop „How to be funny online and offline“,” where she teaches people how to write jokes, oneliners and funny slogans.

She regularly performs stand in English as well, performing throughout Europe.