Karolína Kamberská

Karolína is a TV Cook, successful journalist, food writer, and singer

Passionate cook, mother of three, collector of forgotten recipes, food critic, singer, musician and lifestyle journalist.
In 2014 Karolina starred in the TV series, Karolína, domácí kuchařka (Home Cooking with Karolína), on TV Prima. The show has had five series. She has also published three successful cookbooks with over 60000 copies sold. This Autumn she will be launching her fourth cook book – Karolína, Každý den je svátek.

Karolina regularly participates at gastro festivals and events. She often prepares cooking shows for clients, cooking courses and sits on gastro juries. She regularly acts as an ambassador for brands representing them at gastro activities, writing articles etc and appearing in promotions.

Karolína also is a singer and songwriter currently focussing on songs for children and their parents. Her last album was Říkadla a křikadla which she regularly performs for children.